The concept

Rodney Coate, with a lifetime of involvement in the Fencing and Gate business has used his experience, knowledge and contacts to produce a Portfolio of “Best Buy Products.”

The Portfolio will cover Fences, Gates of all types and all related products. This will include Bollards, Blockers, Barriers, Turnstiles, both internal and external, BTC, PID’s systems as well as the full range of impact tested equipment to DOS and PAS standards.

The Portfolio will initially be aimed at the Eastern European market, operated out of the UK and Czech Republic and in English and Russian language and business conducted by locally based Dealers.

The Dealers to install and maintain and also to market the products in their own Countries.

By “Best Buy” it is not envisaged that it will mean the cheapest. Other considerations such as the reputation and financial stability of the manufacturer, design, reliability, lifetime costing and ease of installation and maintenance will be considered, and most importantly suitability of purpose..

There will only be one manufacturer per product.

The Portfolio will be introduced by Rodney Coate by web-site, electronic data transmission and personal visits.

The Portfolio is presented in a standard format dictated by Rodney Coate, comprising, illustration; data sheet and where appropriate standard drawing.

The targeted market is to be Commercial, Industrial, and Military, Diplomatic, Utilities, Nuclear, Transportation, Inward investment, Prisons and other high security areas.

The index leads to comprehensive data sheets of each product.